Wylanbriar Labradors

Est: 1994
Bred for Temperament, Type and Trainability

Antoine de Saint-Exupery described in Wind, Sand and Stars: ” Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outwards together in the same direction…”  This phrase has struck me to the core in reading it. This is not just about human love but canine partnerships. If you are both not trying to see things in the same way, or we cannot try and see things from the dogs perspective as much as HE attempts to understand what we want from him, we are sunk. Sometimes the more I stare at my dogs thinking ‘WHY?’ WHY did you do that? WHY don’t you retain that piece of training? WHY don’t you try harder? I can only imagine they look at me thinking ‘PLEASE try and understand that I don’t understand’…. ‘Please try and see I am attempting to please you but I can feel you getting angry and I don’t know what to do to stop that other than do nothing….’

My promise to my dogs. I will try very hard to try for us to look out in the same direction. Its not an easy relationship to find our way to, but if you try your best, I will try harder for that to be good enough.

Dylan – Miss you my boy. Ten months and no easier.