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This is not an easy post to write, but bear with me. We made the very difficult and tearful decision to allow Mia to go to a new home recently. She has been with the most stunning, fabulous family near Guildford for the last couple of weeks, and is absolutely ecstatically happy. They adore her, she adores them, she has two children to play with, loads and loads of garden and ground and fantastic walks. She is playing fetch, curling on the sofa and sleeping in one of her THREE beds scattered upstairs and downstairs! She has a box of toys, and more cuddles and love than you can shake a stick at. Sadly, we are not a big kennel in terms of space, and Mia had the most beautiful litter (which I had planned to repeat this year), but never really took to gundog work as she might have…. Shes a sweet soft girl looking for a quiet life…. she preferred to climb on a lap.

She adored having babies but I don’t want dogs here with ONLY breeding as a life, they need a hobby too even if they don’t compete. So whilst Ruby takes to training like a duck to water and will be resuming after the babies and picking up with Tom all next winter, Mia, for her own quality of life is shortly to be spayed and will live her life at the pace she and her new family chose. I realise some will find this hard to understand. Its not easy for us, and it was only because the perfect home arrived out the blue. We love her, and always will and will see her regularly in the faces of her wonderful puppies!! xxx