Wylanbriar Labradors

Est: 1994
Bred for Temperament, Type and Trainability

Jake & Rusty

Jake & Rusty: August 94 – Jan 07′ & May 08′

Our Inseperable, irreplaceable boys

Jake (Black) and Rusty (Yellow)

Jake:    01.08.94  –  01.01.07

Rusty:    01.08.94  –  14.05.08

To my special boys.

 “We met it seems, such a short time ago…..

You looked at me, needing me so,

And, from that sadness, our happiness grew….

…and I found out, I needed YOU too.

I remember how we used to play…

…. And I recall the rainy days.

The fires glow, kept us warm

But now I find we’re both alone

 Goodbye may seem forever

Farewell is like the end

But you’re in my heart’s memory

…and there you’ll always be…..”