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Oh my goodness me where do I START!?? OK lets keep some order here  😉

Fish:  Is a fully fledged member of the ‘All Blacks’.  What? How? What?…. Pull up a chair….. refil your glass…. I shall begin.

So at 8 weeks he is DNA tested in the United States by mouthswab to be black carrying chocolate. Its was a perfectly logical result, seen as his mum carries chocolate, and so he just inherited it from her rather than taking after Dad, Raven, as dominant black (or Black ONLY as they say). The fact Fish was B/C was a source of delight to us in a B/C kennel! To our view he was the best dog and carried chcoolate, by a FT Ch and one of the most handsome in the country to boot! Perfection! So fast forward 12 months and his health scores come back well, and he has his first two ladies. Both chocolate. So therefore two girls looking forward to roughly half and half black and chocolate litters. So the clever old stick strikes gold with both first time and both are in pup. To Fish. Our black carrying chocolate boy. Fish.  Hmmmmm.

Ok so both litters arrive in due course. Happy healthy arrivals. Squiggly cute ‘Poppy’ and ‘Valley’ and ‘Fish’ puppies. Lovely little chunky things. Ummm…. 16 of them…. all black. ALL black. Ok… so nature could have played one of its funny old games and feasiably all the pups be black… but the odds were like 250 to one or something… so I call the testing company. Very good they were. Retest. By blood, no room for error. And indeed no error…. or at least not by nature! Sadly by the testing company (presumably) …. Fish is Black only. Dominant black. Fish is his fathers child. Fish can play with the proper dogs by way of throwing off the ‘brown’ possibility and be taken seriously…. 😉   😉   😉  Fish… black only.  Well…. there we go…. comment of the week when all this kicked off was by Allan……

” Well doesn’t suprise me. He was training up FAR too well to carry the stupid gene…”

I shall land him one for *you* readers.   😉   😉

Fish – A card carrying member of the ‘All Blacks’!!

Shiney. Well ironically after the above paragraphs I am THRILLED to announce that Shiney has several ‘buns’ in the Oven. Fish Buns. Black Fish Buns. Actually to be honest there is nothing ‘ironic’ about this as almost the whole waiting list wanted little black Fishes anyway – but nevertheless, it did come as a suprise! Shiney is blooming. She is absolutely, at 5 weeks tomorrow, huge, and utterly thrilled to be pregnant again. She is mellow, sunshiney, twinkly and has Jadey knitting bootees at an ALARMING rate. With eleven ‘tiny shineys’ last time, watch this space for quite how many ‘Titchy tadpoles’ appear this time 😉 Bets welcome! However no-one have any money on any of them being brown please because its JUST not going to happen!!! She is due around 26th April….. Happy days! Clever clever Shiney and Fish!