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Horrible news. I’m writing to keep myself busy. Jade was pretty sick Friday, vomiting and very low. She seemed to rally a lot on saturday, seeming pretty normal again. Then Monday monring she came out the kennel very sorry for herself, obviously in pain and had vomited a lot again. I starved her monday and gave her a lot of liquids, but first thing this morning she refused food for the third day and that was that. Vets. My own vet felt her stomach and in pressing high onto the top wall he could feel a hard mass or obstruction, which gave her great pain when he palpitated it. So we went straight to the vet hospital in Brighton.

The immediately put her on a drip and checked her blood for signs of Pancretitis (spelling?) and thankfully the result was negative for that. However they then did an Ultrasound and can clearly see a lump around 6cm by 3cm attached to the wall of the stomach. You know what we all think immediately when you hear the word ‘mass’ or ‘lump’. You can’t help it. But sadly the vet used it as the biggest possibility too. They wanted to go in and do explority surgery but as i reminded them, last time she was operated on for her elective C Section and spay, she had a condition where her blood couldn’t clot and we nearly lost her. So they have ordered a certain Vitamin K drug to come tomorrow, and taken bloods to run through and see their ‘clotting potential’. It will not stop them operating but if she needs this drug first it may delay the operation by a day.

I wanted so badly to bring her home as I could administer fluids here and she is weak and not eating but basically stable, but they were concerned if she slipped further down then being in the Hospital she would be in the best of hands 24/7. I suppose its true. I am just scared right now, I am never going to see my beautiful girl again. Praying firstly for the bloods to show that she can be opened up immediately, the quicker the better to find out the good or the bad of this ‘mass’ inside. Secondly that it is a beninge tumour or some such thing. Something that if it can be removed it won’t come back or affect her.

Thirdly, just praying for the strength from somewhere to get through the next 24 hours making all the right decisions and having things turn uphill for Jadey, who is the softest, sweetest girl you could ever wish to know…. and deserves a fighting chance to live a long and comfortable retirement, she is only 6 and a half years old.

I will keep you posted.