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NOW, I took a pin and put it in a list of about five things I desperately want to write Dog Blogs about, and Otter won (I hope thats a good omen for the future!! grin…)!

Otter from this…… (and shes easy to spot!!):

Via this…..

….and *this* (although we don’t talk about that…..)  😉   😉

To THIS gorgeous little lady who is now home with us!

Otter is unlike any puppy I’ve ever. Thats no exaggeration. She is so confident and happy in her own skin. She is waggy and outgoing, she is settled (we haven’t had a PEEP out of her in the kennel even on the first night!) she is bold and keen to explore everything, fast, up for it and smart (she sits on a peep of the whistle and does short stays already!)…… and shes only ten weeks!

The day she came home, I went to pick her up with Bondy in the car for company. He took one look at her and started shaking like the big girls blouse he really is! 😉 Throwing up on him on the way home didn’t exactly endear him to her its true, but when she arrived, after a few minutes being slightly peturbed by the five other big dogs, she started muttering….. ‘THESE should be a walkover!’ and made herself at home!

Something about her is very special. She is very different to Bondy (mummy’s special boy – grin) she isn’t needy, she isn’t desperate for your attention, she wanders around quite happily looking for fun and trouble, but the minute she hears her name shes is HERE like a shot. NOW that smartness, that cheekiness, that confidence may WELL be a recipie later for someone rather different to Bondy t train. He spins round upon hearing you even if a yard from the dummy, and says expansively, ‘Yes Mama??? What can I DO for you…. DO tell me….!??’ Now that as a quality to me is priceless, its not exactly been trained, its just kind of IN him. I took him as a one off to a certain top gundog kennel for a day of training a while ago, and they desperately wanted to UNDO his absolute obedience and make him get out and pull me about. Gasp! Shock! Horror! BONDY? I don’t think so!! He could no more pull me about than fly to the MOON!! (Although, to be fair, as hes neared two years old, hes had the odd moment…. so heres to not allowing his halo to slip!! I know several riends will be cheering from the rafters to hear that as they’ve always wanted him to grow some balls and show me up just the once or twice….GRIN!)

However I just feel/know Otter will be different. So it will be facinating to see how much is training, as I plan to use (more or less) the same methods, the same grounds and the same trainer with Otter as with Bondy  –  and how much is personality and if one can mould the other – or if one is dictated by the other! It will be a story in itself, and I am really looking forward to it!!

Bondy is not overly thrilled by Otter being here. Thats possibly a little understated infact. She, to him, does not exist except when she is hanging off his neck or has his cheek in her gob. However, whichever way you slice it, they are peas in a pod type wise and I adore them both! (And the others of course but they all have their own entry coming up I hope over the next two days so this was Otter and Bondys!)  😉 😉

More very soon!