Wylanbriar Labradors

Est: 1994
Bred for Temperament, Type and Trainability

Life wouldn’t be interesting if we didn’t change like the wind, here at Wylanbriar 😉 In an ideal world, mating Mia late next summer was not what we would of wished for, because we REALLy don’t like shooting season puppies. So when a good friend amazingly offered, if we did mate her *this* season, to have the puppies whilst we were in Mexico, we ripped her arm off for the offer!

So because at such short notice a little visit to Yorkshire was not going to happen, we looked slightly more locally for an excellent sire for Mia babies and decided on FTW Bedgebrook Harlequin, who Allan handled to first place in the Field Trial class at Crufts a couple of years ago. He is a dog we know well, and is a handsome, well constructed great working boy with a fantastic temperament. Mia went calling to Mr Quin, and decided he was the man for her! 😉

She is now strolling around here, acting like she already thinks she has a bakers dozen in there and stealing food for England! If she isn’t pregnant she is a very good little actress! They will be such lovely little MiaQuins!!! All black and a lovely mix of substantial trial lines and moderate showlines… I am very excited and Allan hopes to run on a boy (which will be a Fish grandson!) so we await good news! Mia will be due to whelp around the 4th February…. so by the New Year we should know for sure by her expanding tummy!

Wylanbriar babies! Woo woo! We don’t have a full waiting list at the moment so enquiries welcome!