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Familiarity breeds content! – 22nd Jan 11′

‘Familiarity breeds content’ !

I have loved that catchline since I saw it a while back as a headline in a copy of Shooting Times. I cannot, sadly ‘bag’ it as a phrase of my own before some sharp eyed shooter pulls me up on it 😉 I was thinking that it beautifully summed up a article on the joys and virtues of Linebreeding… (think about it…. grin), but then decided actually I would finally take about three hours to trawl my hundreds of pictures on my computer, and try and find examples of Parent/Puppy likeness… or even Parent/Grandparent/Puppy likenesses… possibly just for the ‘ahhhhhh’ factor 😉

Now sometimes when you look at pictures of your OWN dogs and dogs closely related to them, only YOU can see the familiar tilt of an eyebrow….. a frownmark on a head…… a set of an ear…… a glint in an eye…. and recognise it instantly. So this may be a bit self indulgent, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

* Dylan:


Dylans Son Harry (on right…):


* Mallie:


Mallies Daughter, Molly:



Mallie’s Molly again:


* Jade & her daughter Mae:


* Jade and her sons Fish & Wylye:



* Jade’s son Fish…..:

…and his half sister (Both Jade children), Mae:


* Fish & Brother Wylye – Jade Children…….:

……..and Jake & Darcie – Also Jade Children!:


* Tom:

Tom’s daughter Lottie:


* Deeds – As we all know and love him:


Deeds Son, Harry (smile:):


* Deeds:


Deeds Son, George:


* Little Mia:


Jake – Mia’s Uncle:



* Finally – 3 Generations:


Jade’s son Fish:

Fish’s Daughter, ( so Jade’s Grandaughter), Mia:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Diana – Jan 2011.