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Little Mia…. A bitch after my own heart…. ;-)

Little Mia…. A bitch after my own heart…. 😉

(Post of total indulgence here)

Jadey would adore this little creature (whilst being very slightly jealous of the attention she is getting!) Bondy has been the centre of my year, the apple of my eye for the best part of 12 months, and he is SOUL DESTROYED to see how charming Mia is. He keeps siddling up when i’m fussing Mia (frequently!) and taking my hand very firmly in his mouth and removing ‘me’ from ‘her’ to ‘him’

The fact we have kennel cough too and the meercat isn’t getting his daily expected ‘one to one’ with me for training of some sort means that Mia = a desperate need to dig a puppy sized hole and bury her. His poor little oversensitive brain is in tatters right now, as well as his throat!

However going back to Jadey, she would think this pup was superb. Physically Mia is so like Jade, but Jade would be one of those pushy grandparents who would of had Mia off to stage school interviews by now and be demanding ‘why!?’ Mia hadn’t got the lead of Eliza Doolittle, and infact just backing vocals…

Shiney loves her little daughter in her own ‘modern mother’ kind of a way. She is a doting mother when they are in the crib, but couldn’t hugely give a stuff now

Fish is a flappy father. He is scared of tredding on puppies since one squeaked like a stuck pig when the litter was here when he did. So he makes stupid great leaps over her in his need to avoid her, (and bloody puppies get EVERYWHERE!) so in Fish’s own sweet clownlike way, usually smashes straight into Bondy or Tom and flattens her senseless on a daily basis. He then hops around as if he is going to be beaten as I bawl ‘will you ****** mind the PUPPY!’ …. But never learns….

As i’ve mentioned, Bondy thinks she was dropped here by the devil.

Tom wants DESPERATELY to stamp some big brother type authority on her, stealing away anything remotely toylike she gets hold of, pushing her off the comfy bed… stretching out, of an evening, in the kitchen and ‘accidentally on purpose’ booting her in the head – that sort of thing. However she is such a confident precotious child, raised from day one with these creatures stamping around her – that she has ZERO respect or fear of Thomas and therefore even when he had a rawhide the other day, and was snarling away at her like a sabre toothed tiger, she just inched closer then got bored, walked up, dragged it out of his chops and wandered off. He was SO shocked he *nearly* behaved for the rest of the day!!!!!

Mallie? Mallie pretends she doesn’t exist, like any puppy here. Occasionally Mia will curl into Mallie on a mat, and if you don’t make it obvious you are looking, Mallie will sigh, look accusingly at her, then soften her hard glare and go back to sleep. *IF* she thinks you are looking however she will walk off in a pretend strop to lay somewhere else with exaggerated sighs and grumbles and looks hugely hard done by.

Put it this way – If the four youngsters, Bondy, Mia, Thomas and Fish stole a car and went joyriding:

Bondy would be driving standing on Tom’s head whilst he worked the pedals.
Fish would be shaking his head worriedly and saying ‘I don’t think this is right…oh GOD we are going to DIE!’
Mia would be screaming ‘FLOOOR it Uncle Bond! Give it SOME Come ON!!!!!!’

Which is exactly what her mother was like at that age…. so I suppose she is second generation Skatepark, Marlboro Lights and White Lightning.