Wylanbriar Labradors

Est: 1994
Bred for Temperament, Type and Trainability

Try working your showbred dog!

Why not try working your showbred dog!

There’s a split in our breed between working and show

We speak of uniting as cracks grow and grow.

Neither side shoulders all of the blame

and deep down inside we are really the same

For we love the breed through the rough and the smooth

And so, to many, there’s nothing to prove

But our breed was bred, alongside its beauty

To hunt and retrieve as its primary duty

And the structure and form for which show folks do strive

Was put there in place to give working dogs drive

There are many reasons and several excuses

Why either side think only of one of its uses

Our show folks may say “Its hardly fair is it?”

“the field side are just breeding skinny black whippets!”

“So what if my dogs drag me over the showground?

At least they don’t stand in the ring with their tails down.

If I work my show dogs they’ll sit in the ring

They’ll lose animation and prize-winning ‘zing!’

“I’m not into Field sports, I hate all that killing

And all day in mud I would hardly find thrilling

I haven’t the time and I haven’t the money

I don’t find you saying I should is that funny”

“I like my labs stocky, I like them with bone

I’m sick of the field trialer’s judgemental tone

Training classes are just not for me

I might miss an open show why don’t you see?”

And to that I say that I do understand

Its hard to find time in our fast modern land

To think about why we picked our beloved breed

And what they were bred for and what they might need….

…to continue in the form that we love and know them

Breeding NOT for just workers and NOT for just showmen

Keeping form for the workers and function for ring dogs

And avoid throwing arrows and judgements and slingshots

To lessen the split only you have the power

So can I suggest that you take just an hour

And to our training classes bring your show-dogs along

They’ll love it, you’ll love it, I’ll eat my hat if I’m wrong!